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A Visit to Somerset House

Somerset House is home to the Courtauld Institute of Art a wonderful collection of art spanning the work of Peter Paul Ruben’s to Modigliani.  Eduard Manet’s famous work, A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, is one of its substantial acquisitions.

Here are photos from my visit on January 27, 2012

Courtyard view

Courtyard View

View of the River Thames from the terrace





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British Museum

I am amazed with the organization and beauty of the British Museum’s collection.  But I wonder, is it beautiful because it’s organized or organized for the sake of beauty?

Entrance, British Museum


Tympanum, close up

British Museum Interior

British Museum Ceiling

Empty Library Display

Display Cases


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The Neighborhood & Sotheby’s Institute

My neighborhood:

Our Building

Our Street

Our Neighborhood

Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Bedford Square

Sotheby's Entrance


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Sites from a cab window

When I arrived I fell asleep everywhere: in line, in the cab,  in my chair.  Somehow I made it safely to my neighborhood in Southwark, London, where my roommate and landlady had a meal and bed waiting for me.   I can’t believe I made it through Heathrow airport, across central London, to the market, drug store and department store without causing harm to myself or others.

From the cab I saw these famous sites, who knows what I missed as I fell in and out of sleep.

The National History Museum
The Victoria and Albert Museum
St. James Square
Parliament and Big Ben
The London Eye
London Bridge
The Tower of London


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Reykjavik, Iceland

1:50 am (6:50 Icelandic time)
Reykjavik, Iceland

Flying into Iceland felt like flying into Bloomington, Minnesota with the thick fresh snow, precisely cleared roads and a pink-orange glow of what would have been the Twin Cities.  During my layover, the ground crew threw snowballs and somewhere out there was an unknown city of substantial size.   If I had seen the sun rise in Iceland I would have a concrete memory rather than a vague and snowy landscape.

I was sick – I am sick.  It may be a chest cold, it may be bronchitis.  My cough is raspy, I have no voice and my ears are filled with cotton.  Is this the way to start the spring semester in London? My flight from Boston to Reykjavik was nearly empty and all passengers had a row of seats to themselves.  Before I made my seats into a bed I ordered a whiskey with tea.  I was afraid that if I drank that bottle throughout the trip (to keep from coughing) when I got to London I would smell of liquor and offend my hosts.

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