I like candy.

Candy is fruity or minty, sticky, hard or gummy and it is a treat. Chocolate is different from candy and I’ll explain that a little bit later.  I want to talk about candy.  I like gummy bears, licorice, lemon drops, skittles etc.  Pixie sticks – did you  like pixie sticks? I shared pixie sticks with my freshman college roommate – we didn’t have much in common but an affection for the colored sugar.  I also knew a cat who like them too.

So while I’m in England I’m enjoying a smorgasbord of new candy:


The Wine Gums are like the *healthy* ocean spray fruit snacks my sister gives her girls.  The Guzzle Puzzles are like gummy bears but not as sour and the Fruit Sherbets are wrapped sourish hard candy.

They are pretty and will make a nice treat when my throat is scratchy or when I’m getting sleepy during class.  There isn’t a fruit center.  I don’t really like fruit centers…they are a bit…tricky.  Especially if the center is better than the candy or the candy is great and the center isn’t good.  Think of the chocolates in the white box with the red bow.  A gamble.

Some of the candy here is a little strange

What's up with the pink/yellow frothy ones?

These were gummy, but not gummy.  I waited until I didn’t have any regular ones left before I tried the “cloudy” pink and yellow ones.  They were fruity – but what type a fruit flavor wasn’t obvious.  I found “Jelly Babies” and sadly didn’t get a picture before I ate them all.  These “babies” are jelly but covered with a white soft powdery sugar that has no taste at all.  None.  So the powder must keep the “babies” from sticking to each other in the bag.

In the first picture I’ve included some new yogurt flavors, rhubarb and gooseberry.  Both of which grew in our yard in Minnesota.  The gooseberry bushes were prickly and never ripened.  We ate thorned green berries until we knew better.  I’ve enjoyed finding sandwich spreads that are alternatives to mustard and mayo.  I’ve got a sweet pickle spread that looks and tastes nothing like relish and a Bramley apple spread that may be excellent or, well not excellent.

During my childhood the English chocolate cadbury eggs only surfaced once a year.  I find them all year round these days and over here there are cadbury chocolates of all kinds.  There is so much chocolate to cover I think I’ll save it for another post.  I’m going to snack on my mint Kit Kat.



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2 responses to “Candy

  1. Stefanie

    The sentence “We ate thorned green berries until we knew better” is really striking. It should be part of some larger work. I command you to write some sort of memoir-type-piece reflecting on your childhood and backyard in Minnesota. Include that sentence. It could migrate to the short story-fiction category it that it easier… or more satisfying. I really enjoy this candy-themed post.

  2. Ximena Varela

    I started reading, but then my eyes fell on the photo of the mint KitKats and my brain just kind of froze in envy and longing…I was unable to finish reading the post, and thought you should know.

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