The London Eye

The London Eye on the River Thames

The London Eye is a huge ferris wheel built on the Thames.  From inside a pod one sees the best views of the city of Westminster and beyond.  Here are a few photos of London on a clear day from the Eye.

Riding in the Pod

Into the sky

View of Parliament


Westminster Abbey

According to my father, this is "the clock"

Going Down

What do you think…too many pictures?



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4 responses to “The London Eye

  1. Sherrie Ambrose

    I love the pictures! Wish I could have been their too, but going through the progression of them kind of made me motion sick….especially when I got to the going down one.

  2. Teresa

    Never too many pictures. Or words for that matter. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stacey Pearson

    Nice pictures! More is better!

  4. Andy

    Wow, that is a clear day. I’m taking my children in August but I have been on it before. The views are fantasitc as you can see over Westminster and right down the Thames (as one of your photos show.

    If anyone is reading this page who hasn’t yet been on the London Eye then I highly recommend you do so if you visit London. I bought my tickets from and the delivery was quick. I’m a bit offy when ordering online but these are pretty good.

    It’s a slow ride though, you literally walk on it whilst it is moving. Just make sure you go to the loo first and keep drinks down to a minim as you’ll be on it for about half an hour before getting off.

    Pick a clear day or night and you will LOVE it. This is probably one of the best ones in the world.

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